Logistics Services

Ship Spares Logistics

  • EastMed Expertise in both shipping and logistics guarantees efficient supply chain for maintenance spares and equipment.
  • Door-to-Deck delivery service for ship spares and marine parts.
  • On time and cost effective delivery for spares and equipment.
  • Port and off-shore technical support.

Freight Contracting

  • Integrated service packages including ocean freight, port agency, stevedoring, customs clearance and inland transportation to final destinations.
  • Combined ship/shore services such as pre-carriage, cargo surveying and bagging.
  • Commercial management of vessels and cargo.
  • Provision of super cargoes.
  • Ocean freight feasibility studies.

Supply Chain Management

  • Global supply chain management and tailor made services for manufacturers and retailers.
  • Freight management, Consolidation, warehousing and inventory management for raw materials.
  • Production and finished goods testing, sample preparation and quality control.
  • Value Added Services: Promotional packaging, labeling, printing and component assembly.
  • Cost effective handling, storage, transportation and distribution services.
  • Transport management and multimodal transportation for best timing and cost concerns.
  • International freight forwarding, import and export control and tracking system.


Our local connections and know-how, wide geographical knowledge and trusted partners allows EastMed to professionally move heavy and oversize project cargo from origin to destination. EastMed 24-hour dedicated transport supervisors and engineers, attend all transport operation stages of heavy and oversized cargoes from time of unloading till final project delivery site to guarantee safe and on time deliveries.

Our project cargo handling services include:
  • Comprehensive logistic solutions by our transportation engineers determining the means and most suitable transportation routes, to overcome any possible obstacles.
  • Disassembling and re-assembling of complex components and oversized cargoes.
  • Site survey / feasibility studies for tailor made solutions.
  • Specialized chartering department arranging for full / part charter parties.
  • Multimodal transport services for special equipment, choosing best transport means.

Land Transportation

EMT was established in 1998 offering a diverse range of inland and overland trucking services for containerized reefer and dry cargoes, liquids, heavy and oversize cargoes; offering our clients reliable and on time deliveries. EMT is also one of the leading companies in Egypt in the field of international overland trucking to Arabian Gulf Countries and Libya for reefer and dry cargoes. We are also specialized in the moving of oversized and overweight shipments and project cargo handling. EMT operates its own state of the art fleet of Mercedes Actros trucks, Thermo King reefer trailers, Pickup trucks and vans.

Our services include:
  • 24-hour inland trucking services for dry and reefer cargoes to all local destinations within Egypt.
  • International overland trucking services to Libya and Arab Gulf Countries for dry and reefer cargoes.
  • Efficient and reliable project cargo handling for all oversized and overweight equipments.
  • Instant contact with drivers and transport supervisors to ensue on time deliveries.
  • 24-hour supervision for all pick-ups & deliveries.

Container and cargo storage

  • EastMed warehousing allows us to offer our customers greater speed, efficiency and flexibility for their supply chains.
  • Our warehouses are able to provide comprehensive pick / pack, de-stuff / palletize, bulk stack and storage services and facilities. 
  • EastMed will not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but can also distribute your goods to all required destinations with an outstanding level of customer service and tailor-made, flexible solutions.
Our cargo storage solutions:

In addition to our many operational benefits, will also save you money through reduced inventory and lower container storage and demurrage costs. 

Main Features of our Storage and Warehousing Facilities: 
  • Storage yards in Merghem area of  5000 square meters with stacking capacity of over 700 TEU. 
  • Storage yards in Warding area of 5000 square meters with stacking capacity of over  700 TEU.
  • Storage yard in Abdel-Kader area of  10000 Square meters with stacking capacity of over  1200 TEU.
  • Possibility to connect 50 plugs / yard.
  • All yards equipped with modern reach stackers with 30 Tons lifting capacity.

Customs Clearance

EastMed is a licensed customs broker since 1993 employing 20 in-house customs brokers working in all Egyptian air and sea ports. Our professional and long years experienced customs brokers have long term relations with customs officials and can swiftly clear maintenance spares and equipment for on-time deliveries . EastMed also clears goods of all kinds serving a wide range of regular exporters and importers.

Our Customs Clearance services include:
  • 24-hour service for clearing both sea & air export shipments.
  • pre-clearance approvals, drawback, temporary import, free zone and transit customs clearance for all import shipments regardless of commodity.
  • Accompanying customs delegates by EastMed customs brokers, and escorting them to factories, farms and other working sites for inspection of goods and finalizing customs formalities ex nominated airport on harbor.
  • Customs consulting , tariff and commodity interpretation.

Freight Forwarding Services

Sea Freight

  • FCL, LCL and special equipment to/from all major ports worldwide.
  • General cargo – break bulk – RO/RO.
  • Regular consolidation services.
  • Specially equipped 20’ Flexi-Tank containers for non hazardous liquids.
  • Specially equipped 20’ & 40’ containers for hanging garments.
  • Door to Door deliveries for regular and perishable cargoes.
  • Worldwide network of overseas partners.
  • Service contacts with major container lines.


  • Efficient bookings on all major airlines at all times.
  • 24-hour services for export traffic & handling of regular and perishable cargoes.
  • 24-hour services for import cargo deliveries to all cities in Egypt.
  • Network of global partners in all five continents.
  • Collection at origin, customs clearing and deliveries to final destinations.
  • Priority with major air carriers for space allocation and special rates.


  • Regular sea & air consolidation service to/ from U.S.A., Europe and Far East.
  • Export and import consolidated sea and air shipments.
  • Worldwide network of consolidating partners and co-loaders.
  • Door to Door deliveries to final destinations worldwide.

Hanging Garments

Exporting suits, jackets, trousers,... etc. on hangers wrapped in nylon bags and installed on our locally manufactured *MICANO* through sea or airfreight.

Fairs & Exhibitions

  • Swift clearing up to exhibition stand.
  • Professional freight handling and storage of empties.
  • On-time delivery and pickup of exhibitor’s shipments.

Packing and Household Removals

  • Special nylon wrapped palletization for commercial cargoes.
  • Regular cartons, corrugated sheets, tailor-made boxes for household goods.
  • Professional handling of all fragile items till safely placed at final destination.
  • Modified atmosphere palletization system for fresh produce.

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