Dredging Services


Given the rising demand in the recent years for infrastructural dredging and the expands in the Egyptian ports and water channels, EastMed Group has decided to excavate the dredging scene in Egypt and take part in the developing of the infrastructural marine sector that highly serves our interests with regards to the shipping and freight business.

EastMed’s strong local presence and our network of specialized and professional overseas partners enable us to provide the highest quality standards and cost effective solutions for small, midsize and major dredging projects in Egypt and the MENA region. With 20 years of experience and established business in the Maritime Industry in Egypt and the MENA region, EastMed Group is your most suitable dredging partner in Egypt.

EastMed can provide a wide range of high quality and safe dredging services such as land reclamation, construction and maintenance of ports, environmental dredging and protection of river-banks, Oil and trash skimming, etc…

Depending on many factors including the dredged material, location and the purpose of the dredging process and based on the feasibility study of the project EastMed would choose the most suitable dredging equipments for the project and carry on a high quality and safe dredging process.

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